Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thoughts On Relaxation Ritual

The Relaxation Ritual is a preliminary to any magical work. It's much like the beginning of many hypnotic inductions. Most of these either start with bringing some relaxing sensation and/or visualization down from the head or up from the feet. Of course, the Golden Dawn has you bringing up a yellow ball from your feet. This never felt right to me. It was always a struggle, and I couldn't ever make sense of it. I've read something about the light of Tiphareth coming through to the sphere of Malkuth - but that seems a stretch of justification. I would visualize the sphere moving up my body and feel the warmth from it raise to the top of my head - but it was fragmented. It didn't seem whole somehow. By the time I was to my head, my feet were cold. I tried growing the sphere in size, beginning at the feet - but that was difficult to visualize as well - like gum being blown into an expanding outward bubble - the end from which it expanding wasn't right. It was awkward.

Tiphareth in Queen Scale is golden. It corresponds to Sol. In the Middle Pillar Ritual one vibrates the divine name YHVH Eloah va-Daath while visualizing the sphere in one's solar plexus / heart region. It took me a while to nail down the center of the sphere pertaining to where it was in relation to my body. I now feel the sphere vibrating in response to the vibrating of the Divine Name. That is now where I now begin the Relaxation Ritual. The yellow sphere doesn't go up or down. It grows larger, from center, until it contains my entire body, my entire sphere, in golden healing warmth. The sensation is the same as laying out underneath the warm sunshine. Your body radiates with the heat, all tension you are holding slowly melts. Your jaw unclenches, your eyes tilt slightly upwards. You are deep within and present of mind. You may hear flatulence, but it is far away.  :D

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