Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Dark Moon in Scorpio, All Hallow's Eve 2016

The night of the New Moon, All Hallow's Eve, I dreamt I went with my mother and father out of town. We came to this church. It was almost exactly like my Uncle Boyd's church use to be - Asheville Full Gospel Tabernacle - but some things were different. A spiral stairway. An alcove in the sanctuary. It was as if the same people who built his church built this church. I wandered around marveling at the similarities and small differences. The preacher came in - a clean-cut older gentleman. Some event was starting. The sanctuary seemed very large and spacious - there was a runner's track put down inside it. My mother and father and I went and took our places on it. There was a referee type person. He said he would only measure the time. It was up to us to keep track of our points. I thought this odd, as cheating seemed likely. An older woman and her husband and a young woman came and took their places on the track. We were all waiting for the referee to start us off. I was bent down on one knee waiting to spring into action. My dad pulled an apple out and offered it to me. I took a bite. It was very juicy and sweet and refreshing. I handed it back to him to finish. After what seemed like forever the race finally started.

I had very little control of myself running - it felt like being in a video game that has very poor control mechanics. The running lanes were hard to stay in. As soon as I built up speed, the turns would really mess me up - I had to slow to almost a halt. The young woman - I was keeping up with her - side by side. I felt sexual attraction to her.

Overall this reminded me of going on trips with my parents when I was very young - a sense of exploration. A pretty girl eye contact has been made with. It felt good, wholesome.

Now that it is Halloween Night, I am very struck by the experience with my dad, and the exchange, the sharing of the apple. I had done ancestor work the previous night - and indeed tonight and I will tomorrow night. Life is very unsure right now. I feel like my dad gave me a symbol of a good omen.

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